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School Choice is Good for Colorado.

Students, teachers, and parents succeed with the freedom to choose educational opportunities.

Why School Choice?

A quality education is key to achieving the American Dream. It lays the foundation for a thriving and more prosperous America by ensuring that the next generation does better and goes further than the last. School Choice provides the opportunity to improve education by empowering families to choose the best school for their child. READ MORE

School Choice Options

School choice policies create educational opportunities for children, opening access to a high-quality education, a privilege now reserved only to wealthier and connected families. School choice has many different forms: Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), school vouchers, tax-credit scholarships, charter schools, magnet schools, inter/intra-district public school choice, homeschooling, online learning, customized learning, and new options yet to be discovered.

In Colorado we have several educational options for our children.

Open EnrollmentREAD MORE

Scholarship OrganizationsREAD MORE

Charter SchoolsREAD MORE

Educational Savings AccountsREAD MORE

Sign the pledge

I pledge my support for more educational opportunities in Colorado. Expanding school choice is critical to providing each student with the quality education they deserve to realize the American Dream and empowers students to achieve more.

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